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One of the methods of determining an organisations approach to its business is to evaluate its workplace organisation capability & visual management standards.
5S engages people through the use of 'Standards' and ‘Discipline'.
It is not just about housekeeping, but concentrating on maintaining the standards & discipline to manage the organisation - all achieved by upholding & showing respect for the Gemba [workplace] every day.

The 5 Steps are as follows:
Sort: Sort out & separate that which is needed & not needed in the area.
Straighten: Arrange items that are needed so that they are ready & easy to use. Clearly identify locations for all items so that anyone can find them & return them once the task is completed.
Shine: Clean the workplace & equipment on a regular basis in order to maintain standards & identify defects.
Standardise: Revisit the first three of the 5S on a frequent basis and confirm the condition of the Gemba using standard procedures.
Sustain: Keep to the rules to maintain the standard & continue to improve every day.